Hotel Mira de Rio


Rio de Janeiro

1235 Divi Avenue #1000

(255) 352-6258

About Us

Born two years ago, we offer a series of exclusive services to help our customers relax and admire the city


Thanks to our partners you will be able to admire the city with exclusive means

Suite & Rooms

In our structure you can choose between very large and spacious rooms suitable for 23 or four guests or select one of our suites.

Whatever your choice you will find maximum comfort, a view of the city and a rich genuine buffet breakfast

Private Rooms

Designed for maximum comfort:

  • Private Bathroom
  • Two Queen Beds
  • Daily In-House Breakfast included

Price per Night


Tea Room

Enjoy a tea in peace.

Relaxation room

Rest your mind and heart

Reading room

Let the thoughts fly.


Below you can see all the main services we offer

Double Story Beds



Air Conditioning




Swimming Pool

And 40 more

You can find the remaining services in our brochure dedicated to discovering the city and your well-being

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Enchanting place, I got lost among the streets of the city and the services offered.”

Angela Charlton

Senior Team Executive, Cable Room


“Stopping in this hotel is a must for me, where every year I carve out time just for myself.”

William Haines

Dynamic Functionality Manager, Trail Auto


“Enchanted by the services offered and how the staff offers them. I will definitely go back.”

Juanita Moran

Product Solutions Liason, Pen Family


“I was only supposed to stay the night in this passing hotel, in the end I stayed the week to enjoy the city.”

Rehaan Whitfield

National Program Representative, House Print

Special Deals

Thank you trusted customers we offer discounts on stays.



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Hotel Mira de Rio


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